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We are not a Stem Cell marketing company that brokers patients to established clinics, and we do not outsource our customer service to other countries assuring quick response time for any questions or issues. We are a U.S. based company who owns its clinics and on-site labs. Our Patient Experience Management team is located in California offering cultural competency and quick response times.

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Our Success Stories!

A small sample of how Zignagenix Cell Technologies have helped people like YOU!!!

“My body was worn out, with aches and pains, back and knee issues; stem cells have really helped."

– Brian Pope

"I had an issue with low back pain and weakness. 5 mo after therapy I was able to do squats with dumbbells and to pick up my grandkids. Couldn’t be happier with the results. "

– Paul Morgan

" I came in for a shoulder and hip issue; I’ve had a stroke years before; and I experienced improvements on my joints, but also on my post-stroke sequelae"

– Arthur Collins

“My balance is better, and my feet are nearly as tight as they were., it's made a big difference, I'm very impressed"

– Jeanie Smith

“It has given me balance where I was so off balance... It's made a big difference."

– Kaye Karas

"My quality of life is improved because my inflammation is reduced and I have more energy."

– Korin Adamson


Stay & Relax at our B&B in Cancun

At our Cancun facility, guests are treated to comprehensive all-inclusive packages, starting at under $20k U.S. Conveniently situated just minutes from our clinic in the vibrant tourist district of Cancun, our Bed & Breakfast offers more than just medical care. Guests can enjoy immediate access to stunning beaches, top-tier dining options, and a host of exhilarating outdoor activities such as snorkeling and visits to historic ruins. Our all-inclusive packages cover everything you need for a comfortable stay: hotel accommodations, meals, ground transportation, laboratory services, supplements, and more.