BeYOUNG: Regenerate, Rejuvenate, & Restore Stem-Cell for Anti-Aging

Stem cells are the “engineers” from which all repair, regeneration, and healing of the body arise.

Treatment Information

When adult stem cells flow abundantly through the bloodstream, they reach every organ and become whatever type of cell is needed to maintain the health of each one. A higher rate of stem cell circulation goes beyond the improvement of external signs of aging. Antiaging treatment through stem cell therapy permeates deeply and throughout the body.

Chronic conditions treatments:

Among the age-related diseases and chronic conditions that stem cell therapy treats are:


Among the age-related diseases and chronic conditions that stem cell therapy treats are:
Feel 15 to 20 years younger:

Effects of ZignaGenix BeYOUNG Treatment on Anti-Aging

Stem cells are the solution of the future. Forget about your expensive beauty creams and cosmetics as they do not attack aging on the right level. They promise only temporary or superficial solutions to your aging problems. Most of them function by masking the processes of aging on the surface level, but never offer solid solutions to where aging really happens. The latest research in regenerative science provides concrete proofs that aging actually takes place at the cellular level. This is where aging needs to be stopped!

We are the Science of a Younger You!

ZignaGenix offers advanced and novel stem cell-based therapies for Anti-Aging and regeneration. Our therapies are potentially capable of repairing the effects of aging – effectively extending your life. They act on the cellular level, by optimizing and revitalizing the functions of your whole body, not just the surface. Our specialists make use of your own stem cells to rejuvenate you and make you feel young and powerful again!

ZignaGenix Stem-Cell Treatments are personalized and are in full accordance with strict quality standards and the respective healthcare regulations.

To find out what treatment is best suited for you, our highly trained specialists will subject you to a detailed full-body examination, before deciding on the specifics of the prospective anti-aging treatment.

The medical diagnostics team at ZignaGenix will help you obtain a general idea of your body’s current health status by performing (when needed):

Additional anti-aging treatments may include:

Why You Need to Choose the ZignaGenix International Stem Cell Center

  • Located in Tijuana, less than 20 minutes from the San Diego International Airport

  • Transportation to the clinic and back to San Diego

  •  Individualized therapy with state-of-the-art stem cell products

  •  Individually planned State of the Art diagnostic work-up 

  •  High-quality standard on safety and quality assurance

  •  Personal concierge service with friendly, dedicated Patient Care Managers

  •  Scientific collaborations with academic institutions to assure you the latest regenerative medical program

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