Clinic Facilities

A Revolution In Cost & Availability Through Medical Tourism

  • Treatment delivered to US standards
  • We provide all transportation and logistics
  • Pick-up and drop-off at San Diego Airport at no charge

The MSC treatments we provide are FDA approved for use in the US. But sadly, in the US they are so expensive that they simply don’t make sense for conditions that aren’t life-threatening – often costing $40,000 or more. Our clinics are located in top-tier facilities throughout Mexico that operate to US standards. This allows us to charge as much as 90% less for the same treatments – making them a realistic solution for anti-aging and other vital needs.

Our Clinic Facilities

Our clinics in Mexico are staffed by top professionals with years of experience in stem cell treatment and longevity medicine. Our treatment spaces include both luxury IV therapy lounges and standard hospital-style treatment rooms, to ensure maximum comfort and safety during treatment. Our medical teams have treated thousands of patients just like you, delivering life-changing results through the power of MSCs.

Our Laboratory Facilities

Our laboratories are similarly operated to US standards, using US FDA-approved equipment and processes. The only difference is cost.

Medical Tourism Made Simple

Our clients are top performing business people and their families, so we make our process as simple and streamlined as possible. Our treatments are all “outpatient” and you can easily be in and out of our facility and back home the same day.

  1. Once you’re signed up for treatment, we’ll schedule your arrival date.
  2. Our driver will pick you up from the San Diego airport and take you directly to our facility.
  3. You’ll receive your treatment, which takes from 1-3 hours depending on your specific program.
  4. Once your treatment is completed, our driver will return you to the airport.
  5. Our shuttle vehicles are certified as medical transportation, which reduces the time for the US border crossing to just minutes.